“This e-learning course was superb. We will be ensuring this is included as part of our mandatory update.”

Bereavement Midwife, Manchester

We are delighted to present a small selection of evaluation data from participants who have completed courses we have designed between 2015-2018, including an 'Impact on Practice Survey' (below) conducted at various hospitals throughout the UK.


Training for
Health Visitors
Training for
Training for
100% agreed that they felt more confident in supporting bereaved parents and their families through subsequent pregnancies and births 
Based on 29 health visitors attending workshops in May 2017, Scotland

"I cannot express how beneficial this training is. I now understand I will never ‘fix’ the situation but I might be the ‘one’ person who can be the catalyst or sign poster for the whole family. I will be recommending to managers that this moving and thought provoking training is beneficial for our development and more importantly - for our families present and future."

Health Visitor, Edinburgh

"I would recommend and hope one day every midwife and health visitor would get this training. I now feel more confident in my role and a sense of responsibility to use my role to help families at such a difficult time."

Health Visitor, Glasgow



96% agreed that they felt more confident about facilitating effective and empathic communication with bereaved parents.
Based on 26 spoken and sign language interpreters  attending workshops in January 2018, Belfast

“The most useful part of the training was learning how to break bad news in a professional way (but within boundaries as an interpreter) and be able to show empathy at the same time.”

Interpreter, Belfast

“This training really helped me to reflect on my own experience working as an interpreter. This reflection has helped me to evaluate my own performance and I have a clearer idea how to improve in the future.”

Interpreter, Belfast

“I was reassured that I play a crucial role as an interpreter and that the level of my empathy and sensitivity is important.”

Interpreter, Belfast


100% felt more confident about enabling parents to make informed decisions after the death of their baby (including decisions about memory making and post mortem examination).
Based on 52 student midwives attending workshops in August 2018, University of West Scotland

"Really engaging presentation and a plethora of useful information.  I feel I have come away more knowledgeable and can use what I have learned today in practice. Thank you!"

Student Midwife, Glasgow

"I now feel more confident in the way I would communicate with families who experience loss. I feel I am now more aware of what to say to bereaved parents."

Student Midwife, Glasgow

"Very engaging day.  Excellent content covered in good detail.  Good group activities and discussions.  Good preparation for stating new job."

Student Midwife, Glasgow

Impact On Practice

An ‘Impact on Practice Survey’, completed by 157 professionals who participated in our bereavement care workshop during 2015 found: -

  • 87% said that since attending the bereavement care training they had been in a situation where they felt the training had helped them communicate better with bereaved parents

  • 97% agreed that attending the bereavement care training has positively impacted on their practice

  • 100% said they would recommend the bereavement care training to their colleagues.

Several months after our workshop was delivered in antenatal units, feedback was gathered from leading members of staff about the overall impact of the training. Please see the following examples: -

Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust


“As a direct result of the training we are now involving more of our student midwives in bereavement care, to introduce them to the issues earlier and enhance their practice.”


“Midwives are much less anxious about caring for bereaved families, and many now have the confidence to ask to take on the care of families – they choose to do it.”


Ninewell Hospital NHS Tayside Foundation Trust


“There has been a huge increase in confidence in communication with bereaved parents. Staff are no longer frightened of using certain terms and are generally confident they are using the correct sensitive approach.”


“We have made extra support available for midwives caring for bereaved parents, and they are making good use of this support. Midwives feel more able to say if they have been affected by a family’s experience.”


“We have introduced mentoring for junior staff and they are now more willing to become involved in caring for families.”