What We Do
We believe that empathy is a skill that can be learned, taught and developed, and be used in short interactions.

Compassionate Care Training designs evidence-based learning resources for professionals who deal with emotionally challenging situations in the workplace. We specialise in skills-development such as active listening, responding with empathy, breaking and discussing bad news and enabling informed choice.


We will work closely with you to enable your staff to develop highly-effective communication skills within their workplace. We pride ourselves on researching every field of work thoroughly and listening carefully to our clients needs.


We also specialise in reflective learning with the aim of  improving practice, building effective working relationships and developing resilience through good self-care.

We design (and can also deliver):-

  • Classroom-based interactive workshops

  • Discussion-based learning sessions

  • Presentations

  • Action learning sets

  • Team building events

  • Learning materials to support resources i.e. a film

  • Online/e-learning training resources

  • Blended learning solutions

  • Train-the-trainer workshops

Our design work can include:-

  • User-friendly trainer/facilitator notes and guidance

  • Eye-catching PowerPoint presentations

  • Clear and accessible workbooks and handouts

  • Effective evaluation mechanisms 


Using an interactive and innovative approach, we seek to fully engage learners by creating training that is relevant to their role and ensures a measurable impact on practice. 

Face-to-face training design

Many people can put a training session together, but how often does it result in the participants actually changing their behaviour and the way they perform in their role?

Participants need to be taken on a carefully designed journey that will lead them through the stages of the learning cycle and ultimately enable them to feel confident enough to practise and develop new skills. Developing skills within a training environment can be difficult for the learner, particularly if the exercises are not specifically designed to meet their needs. However, with our expertise and experience in this area, we can work with you to tailor your course to suit the people you need to train. We can design an evidence-based training solution that will fully engage your participants and enable them to develop their knowledge and skills, so that you see a positive impact on their practice.

e-learning design

Many e-learning programmes fail to engage learners, often because they’re not sufficiently interactive and are overloaded with information. Research shows that people learn more effectively when they fully involved and participating. By establishing a clear narrative and structure, we put the learner at the heart of the design process, ensuring an effective and enjoyable learning experience. We can design an online learning programme to suit all needs and budgets.