Clients Include:

Dr Mary Ross-Davie

Education Projects Manager (Midwifery and Reproductive Health) for NHS Education for Scotland

'I have reviewed the training materials for the pregnancy and neonatal loss study day for maternity care professionals.  I would thoroughly recommend the day for midwives and other professionals involved in maternity and neonatal care.  The training has a clear aim and appropriate, achievable learning outcomes. The course uses a wide variety of approaches to ensure that the day is lively and interactive, including film, sound recordings and group work and offers professionals with a valuable opportunity to practice sensitive communication skills. The day uses parents' voices and perspectives throughout very effectively. The materials are culturally sensitive and inclusive.  I feel that the content and approach of the day will be of great value for maternity care professionals in all four countries of the UK in improving the care that we provide to parents when they are bereaved.'


Northern Ireland Health &

Social Care Interpreting Service

Jane Laking

Bereavement Support Midwife, Whittington Hospital, London

‘I think the course overall is great and is relevant to current maternity services. I really like the way it uses several different teaching methods to guide the candidates through the day. It uses video, audio and PowerPoint all of which are relevant and ensure candidate participation. I think the work in pairs is really helpful to get people to think outside their role. The course covers a lot of different areas of care throughout the day, giving staff an opportunity to think about and discuss a wide range of topics. The course is well paced allowing candidates time to reflect on their current practice and how to improve ongoing care. There is an opportunity within the day to look at how caring for bereaved parents affects staff on a personal level. This is incredibly important and helps staff to acknowledge that they too might need help and support.'